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Freda summer dress

I was searching for the perfect white summer dress when I saw this little light gray number and absolutely felt in love for this Freda dress. It was a classic case of love at first sight. Although not white, its color seamed even better then the first planned white and the simplicity and elegance of the cut just made it look perfect to my eyes. That along with the usual self excuses: "I'll be able to wear it in many different occasions" plus the: "it's so elegant I'll wear it forever". So after excusing my self  I  just ordered it from and now I can't wait to put my hands on it, try it on and see if I got the right size, etc. In the meantime while I'm waiting for all that to happen, I have been playing the stylist on computer. Any other styling suggestion will be welcomed. Please send them to me at or leave your comment here.


  1. I knooooooooooooow!!!!!!! Thank you for leaving a comment Ana. XO