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These pieces are all part of my dream box atYOOX. I decided to share them with you because it takes quite a bit of time to dig troughYOOX zillion available options, but is always worth the hunt, and there are always several pieces that could oh so much live in my wardrobe. Anyway… for sure I won't be able to buy them all and maybe some of you can at least buy one or two pieces.

p.s. If you happen to buy anything from this list don't forget to share a picture of you in it!!! Send your picture to

1. Miu Miu dress €340
2. Ugo Correani bracelets €120 each
3. Barbara Bui sandals €265
4. Giorgio Armani clutch €175
5. Costume National belt €145
6. Tibi dress €170
7. Malo cashmere cardigan € 340
8. Ugo Correani bracelet €250
9. Miu Miu slingbacks €215

To buy any of these items visitYOOX

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